101 Reasons to Keep Living

I could name a million beautiful reasons to stay in this world, breathing and growing. Everything from nature to good conversation to the clothes on my back shocks me daily with its simplicity and unassuming joy. I bet you could name a million things, too. I bet you could name things I could never come up with —  things I don’t experience in the same way you do, things I don’t have access to, and things I simply do not notice.

I could also name a million ugly reasons to get out of this world. Maybe more than a million. Maybe more than numbers can count.

It does not do to dwell on these millions of ugly things. In light of recent events and thoughts — which you can all probably guess at, but of which I will not speak explicitly — I am beginning a mini-series of blog posts here on the Amber Typewriter, highlighting the good things in life: those things that are worth living for. Every second Monday I will provide a photo and a brief caption about one of a hundred and one reasons (in no specific order) to keep living.

If you have a reason to keep living, whether it be big or small, simple or complex, send it with a photo (and, if you want, a brief explanation) to erica-mck@hotmail.com. Your photo (and writing) will be featured on the Amber Typewriter in weeks to come! 

Reason #1 to Keep Living: Color

halloween 2015 396

As autumn morphs into winter, and vibrant nature settles once more into sleep, I find myself meditating on color. Color, in this fall season, is connected so intricately with death: the dying of the leaves on the trees and the dying of the light in the sky each evening as night creeps closer toward afternoon. Color also emphasizes life in its fecundity. This exuberant and beautiful death of nature would not be possible without first there being life.

Color, even when made into a symbol by humans, is contradictory. It cannot settle on one meaning. Red is anger, but it is also love and passion. Green is envy, but it is also nature and growth. Blue is cold, but it is also the color of the ocean and of the sky on a summer’s day.

Color is presented naturally and artificially. It is equally vibrant both in nature and in the contemporary world — in cosmetics, fashion, and art.

Color is pure. It does not seek to harm or do good. It simply exists, and that, to color, is enough.


60 thoughts on “101 Reasons to Keep Living

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