Reason #8 to Keep Living: The Ability to Create {Guest Post by Sarah White}

image (30)

Sarah’s first painting, “Home at Dusk”

Guest post by Sarah White.

It is something everyone has the ability to do, and it is done in many different ways.

We all have our own definition of a masterpiece.

Whether it be a poem, a piece of artwork, a school assignment, a song, makeup, fashion, or a novel, we all have the ability to create. We create to express ourselves, to escape, to show off, to calm, or to seek. Today I am sharing my reason to live, and it is because I have an ability to create.

We live in a somewhat conflicted society, a culture that has its own definition of who we are and who should be. In the midst of it all, how can I really know who I am, when there are other people, the media, and large corporations that are dictating who I should be, who we all should be? A young woman like myself? Let me tell you, it can be awfully distracting. I often find myself tense, anxious, or fearful that who I am, is not who I think I am. It’s intriguing, how creating is my passage to self-acceptance and identification. When I paint, or when I write, I hear myself. I express that voice that is not often heard. I listen to its fears, its wants and what it’s passionate about. That voice is me, and I am my creations. Although life can get busy and chaotic, remember to never deprive yourself from what you’re passionate about. You may learn something new, and you may even find a sense of peace.

If you have a reason to keep living, whether it be big or small, simple or complex, send it with a photo and a brief explanation to Your photo and writing will be featured on the Amber Typewriter in weeks to come!

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