Reason #14 to Keep Living: Story Time


In times of stress and depression, nothing revives me more than being read a story. Children’s stories, in particular, or, in this case, children’s poems, are a personal favourite. Shel Silverstein never ceases to disappoint. His words and illustrations were hilarious and alluring when I was little; now they are still hilarious, but also outrageous (outrageous things never seem so outrageous when you are young), complicated, and comforting.

“There’s a light on in the attic,” Silverstein writes. “Though the house is dark and shuttered, / I can see a flickerin’ flutter” (7).

With these few words, and the simple image of a boy with a small figure peeking out from the attic of his head, I am reminded that, though I may feel dull and dark, and the world around me may seem that way also, if I focus I might “see a flickerin’ flutter” and find light in life again.

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Silverstein, Shel. “A Light in the Attic.” A Light in the Attic. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1981. 7. Print.

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