Reason #27 to Keep Living: Colour, Revisited


Two days from today marks one year of this bi-weekly blog series of 101 Reasons to Keep Living. Last year, I would never have thought I could make it this far. Here I am, looking at the leaves again, watching the trees die in brilliant colours. Since I wrote that first post, I have moved houses twice, visited Asia, and changed my plans for the future (except for, of course, writing; I will always be writing).

With death comes newness. With death comes life. This past year I have watched so many parts of me die. I have watched so many be born. Who knew what a year could bring.

And it’s still so colourful. Life never stops being so damn colourful. 

If you have a reason to keep living, whether it be big or small, simple or complex, send it with a photo and a brief explanation to Your photo and writing will be featured on the Amber Typewriter in weeks to come!

Read the original post of 101 Reasons to Keep Living to discover the genesis of this project. 


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