Reason #37 to Keep Living: Old Books That Stay Young


I’m a sucker for old, frilly prose. The kind that are old but feel young. The kind that make you shiver when you reach the end…

While going over Frankenstein once more while finishing a final paper today, I couldn’t help but feel connected through my reading to something deeper and ancient, something which emanates like a sharp breath through the pages. 

Could I ever have that effect in my own writing? Could I ever form breath with words?

I’ll just have to keep writing and living to find out.

If you have a reason to keep living, whether it be big or small, simple or complex, send it with a photo and a brief explanation to Your photo and writing will be featured on the Amber Typewriting in weeks to come!

Read the original post of 101 Reasons to Keep Living to discover the genesis of this project, or catch up on any posts you might have missed here


3 thoughts on “Reason #37 to Keep Living: Old Books That Stay Young

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