Reason #43 to Keep Living: Poetry


My days recently have been filled with poetry as I prepare for my experimental poetry reading with Catriona Wright, which is just under two weeks away. Never before have I so diligently written poems — my interests usually push me toward short stories — and so never before have I experienced the raw satisfaction of continuously playing with words.

I have also already witnessed a subtle change in my poetry. Where I normally rely on alliteration and half-rhymes to move the poem along, I am now more attentive to structure — such as meter and rhyme scheme — and tone, including the inherent sounds of words and what it means to omit or add words to a piece of poetry.

Above is a poem I will be reading in two weeks (with a few alterations). It is a poetic study of the connection between language and exhaustion: specifically, the poetic beat that exhaustion encompasses and the omission of particles and other words in its expression.

To hear this poem and others like it, come see Cat and me Thursday next!

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