WELCOMDSC01609E ALL to The Amber Typewriter, a place of creativity and critical thinking.
My name is Erica McKeen, and I am a writer of mainly poetry and fiction — I do tend to dabble in other genres when I am feeling experimental — based in London, Ontario, Canada. I am deeply a fan of children’s stories, horror, the supernatural, and comic books, but I will read and write anything that taps into the beauty of the world through its infinite and undeniable ugliness. I suffer largely from mental illness and this influences much of my fiction writing as well as my blog posts here on the Amber Typewriter.

Apart from the more self-explanatory categories of Living the Creative LifeSocial Criticism, and Mental Illness, the Amber Typewriter includes Quotations, an ongoing list of quotations from books I have read and am reading, and 101 Reasons to Keep Living, a bi-weekly blog series focusing on the beautiful things in life that make living worthwhile.

To access my poetry and fiction, visit my published works and follow the links provided. Otherwise, head back to the “Home” page and start reading!

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