Published Work

Short Stories

(For purchase of the eighth issue of The Quilliadclick here.)

  • “Our Eyes, Our Tongue,” published in Issue 2 (2016) of Minola Review, the Minola Review print anthology, and winner of the 2016 Lillian Kroll prize in creative writing
  • “Red,” published in Issue 6 (2015) of The Quilliad

(For purchase of the sixth issue of The Quilliadclick here.)

  • “The Silver Fish,” published in Issue 5 (2015) of Occasus, and winner of the Occasus third place prize


(For purchase of the seventh issue of The Quilliadclick here.)

Articles, Experimentation, and More

  • “Yellow Like Me,” a creative non-fiction story published and chosen for an honourable mention in Issue 6 (2016) of Occasus

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