I Am a Feminist; I Am Angry; But No, I Don’t Hate Men

Anger isn’t an emotion women can easily come to terms with. From the day we are born it is pushed down (by society and by ourselves) and pressed beneath other emotions like a sock at the bottom of an over-packed suitcase. It is much too active an emotion for women, society says, and, therefore, when it does arise it is often viewed as an overreaction, unnecessary, or disregarded entirely (hence the phrase “you look cute when you’re angry”).

If you don’t believe me, you needn’t look far for examples. There’s a reason women in powerful, active positions are often labeled “control freaks,” “bossy,” or “bitches.” Those labels don’t fit so well with men in the same positions, and not just because the last of the three is a strictly female insult. In a culture in which men have always been running the show, it feels more natural for a man to be leading, giving orders, and, if things don’t go his way, getting angry. Continue reading