Reason #47 to Keep Living: Achieving My Goals


Tomorrow I will write the final exam of my undergraduate degree.

Wait, what?

Ahem, yes. Tomorrow I will write the final exam of my undergraduate degree!

If you’ve been following my blog for a little over a year, you might remember my post, Time and Too Many Monsters: Why I am Leaving Formal Education, in which I professed my reasons for dropping nearly all of my classes in the early spring of 2016. For a short synopsis, my decision had both to do with persistent mental health issues and a stagnant, frustratingly dreary existence that went along with university life. Continue reading


Reason #34 to Keep Living: Education


If I have it my way, the next half of this blog-series will become somewhat of a travel blog, documenting my adventures finding work in countries other than Canada. Travel, as you know from past blog posts, is one of the central reasons I stay alive. I find value in it not only from its pleasure, but also from its inherent educational tendencies. Every time I travel, my brain stretches and my heart grows a little bigger.  Continue reading

Time and Too Many Monsters: Why I am Leaving Formal Education

I’m not looking to change your mind, I am simply looking to answer your questions.

Because there will be many of them. When I don’t show up to class and sit quietly in that third row from the back like I’ve done all year, you will ask questions. When I tell you I can’t be a part of that group assignment we’ve already started planning, you will ask questions. When my status changes from “student” to the void of “unemployed”; when my blog “About” page struggles to define what I am without the comfy label of “studying at the University of Western Ontario”; when I no longer complain about class hours and essays with word counts and deadlines, you will ask questions.

Here I intend to provide you with answers.

Let’s begin with a photo. Continue reading