Reason #89 to Keep Living: Working Hard for my Heart


Getting up close and personal with the things in life that make me happy —  in this case, my dog.

This whole blog series is about practicing gratitude in order to alleviate some of the heaviness of mental illness, but being grateful for the little things in life doesn’t just make you feel better — it makes you, in general, a kinder person.

The more you focus on what you have rather than what you lack, and the more thankful you are for these things, the more you appreciate the people around you and, in effect, the better you treat them. Continue reading

Reason #71 to Keep Living: Exercise


This post may seem a little hypocritical after returning home from my run this afternoon wanting nothing more than to never exercise again, but it’s important nonetheless. I came out of my thirty-minute jog with a fit of coughing and a dangerously high heartbeat — not the most encouraging symptoms, and certainly nothing I want to recommend to anyone else.  Continue reading

Reason #19 to Keep Living: Night Runs

night run 003

No one told me that depression, at least the kind that I have, kills one’s ability to exercise. In about three years I transformed from a fairly fit human being into someone who couldn’t jog for more than five minutes without losing her breath.

Now, I have gotten back into it. The new medication I am taking has given me more energy, and along with that more mental motivation to get out of the house and move my body. I never thought I could look forward to exercise, but now I can’t wait for my nightly runs, when I plug my music into my ears and fly.

The streets are quiet at night. The lights are soft. My blood rushes and floods my heart and I am alive.  Continue reading