A Fine Farewell

UWO’s student journal, Occasus, has published one story, two poems, and one experimental piece of mine in the 2017 issue (launched today). This journal has been very, very good to me throughout my time at university. Now that I have completed my degree, this is the last publication I will have in the journal.

To bid me an especially fine farewell, Occasus granted my story, “Alyson and the Haunting of the Home Decorating Store,” first prize in its contest. This is a story inspired both by my time working at Pier 1 Imports and by an old coworker of mine. It is also a story I thought would forever go misunderstood. It deals with very subtle Marxist themes, but more significantly with the dangerous undercurrents lurking within retail. In addition, it’s slightly comedic — and, considering comedy is something I always struggle with, this story provides a nice alternative to my usual writing.

Farewell, Occasus! It’s been swell.



New Writing, New Reading…

Finally! My creative writing has once again entered the public sphere!

The lovely literary journal, Persephone’s Daughtersfor which I am a reader, published one of my short stories today. It is called “Married Life,” and it delves into the psychological and emotional confusions of rape culture, submission, and a society entrenched in manners. The writing style differs from a lot of my other works: it is abrupt and purposefully artificial, verging on metafiction.

Have a read, tell me what you think, and feel free to check out the other amazing pieces in this issue. The journal focuses on all areas and ideas surrounding the abuse of women — it is stories of survival through art.

I think it goes without saying that communication and understanding regarding these issues are unutterably important to me.

Read my story and others like it here.

Just As Father Likes

My publication in The Quilliad has become a pattern (to which I am not at all opposed). Last night they published my short story, “Just As Father Likes,” in their 2016 Halloween edition. The story is a modern retelling of “Hansel and Grethel,” originally written by the Brothers Grimm, and is basically everything you can expect from me at this point — strange children, old women, absent men who influence the entire action of the plot… Oh, and did I mention some horror and gore?

Happy Halloween, everyone!

To take a look at the 8 Issues of The Quilliad, and (perhaps!) make a purchase, click here

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Some poetry, some stories, some experiments…

The sixth issue of Occasus, an online literary journal from Western University, is out today! This year they were generous enough to publish two poems, a fiction story, a creative nonfiction story, and an experimental piece of mine. I love this journal, and I encourage you to explore it and read work other than my own. I will provide the link below.


To find the specific links to my writing in Occasus, check out my Published Work page. I will be posting all of them there.

And, as always, I must belt out to KEEP WRITING, EVERYONE. Keep creating. Keep being curious and fearless. To create is to be alive. To create is to lose yourself in something bigger than yourself.

Now, to hurry down to my desk in the wall and work on some more stories…

Gurgle of the Swamp Woman

To read some of my supernatural horror at its best, check out my short story, “Gurgle of the Swamp Woman,” published today in Shirley Magazine. I am both proud of and excited about this story, because it presents so well the fantastical elements in my writing that I plan to emphasize and explore in the near future.

Foggy-brained Emily, her baby, Little Jenny, and the wet footsteps upstairs are waiting for you. Don’t leave them neglected long.

Petie and the White Rabbits

Meet Petie, a peculiar boy with an overbite and a father who disappears into clouds. He’s “growing” rabbits with his friend in the basement crawl space, but keeping the rabbits alive proves more difficult than first anticipated.

Read my story, “Petie and the White Rabbits,” freshly published in Green Blotter, by clicking here.


“Red” is a short horror story written for, and published in, the sixth issue of The Quilliad, a smallpress publisher of Canadian poetry, prose, art, and everything in-between. Last night I attended the launch party for the sixth issue in Toronto, and in the cozy, couch-filled second floor of betty’s on King St E I had the pleasure of reading this story for a small audience, along with seven other creative and enthusiastic readers. 

Everyone, keep creating and giving yourself to art! There is an entire community of people out there who are continually sacrificing their time and energy in the effort to make something new and beautiful. 

For purchase of the sixth issue of The Quilliadclick here

Happy Halloween and enjoy!


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A Story I Thought was Dead

Today I was published in the fifth issue of Occasus, an online literary journal. What they published was a short story called “The Silver Fish,” which I originally wrote for a grade twelve creative writing class more than three years ago. I always had a special place in my heart for this story, though I had sent it to multiple journals and received only rejections in response. I believed this story was dead; though it resonated with me, it would never be read by anyone but my grade twelve classmates and my immediate family. Today it has found a home at last, and placed third in the contest as well!

I proudly present to you “The Silver Fish.”


Frightening Fiction

Today, on This Dark Matter, my first short story was published. It is called “Jennifer April and the Mirror Eyes.” It is not very long, so if you have the time, give it a read. The story is technically horror, and I admit it is a bit creepy, but I promise there is nothing too nasty about it.

If you wish, comment below and tell me how you liked it!