Reason #94 to Keep Living: Rest

sunset city

You may have noticed, I didn’t write my scheduled blog post. You may have noticed, I’ve been a little absent. I haven’t been cruising the internet as much, haven’t been rushing for quick and easy publications. I’ve been biding my time. I’ve been resting.

To be honest, this series had begun to feel a little monotonous. Less than ten reasons to keep living from the end, I was wondering why I started writing these posts in the first place. The process of blog posting was weighing on me, becoming cliche and robotic. How could I tell you, again, to keep living? Were there any reasons left?

So I took a break. I rested. It’s summer, and this is the free time I thought I would use to dig into my side projects, blog posts included. I would read books, I would exercise, I would write things — so many things! — and I would somehow, amidst all of this, keep up two part-time jobs, a continually growing list of social engagements, volunteer as prose reader and assistant editor for literary journals, and co-organize a reading series.

I’ve done most of it, a satisfying amount, but there is always more, and more, and more. My blog posts weren’t getting enough attention. They were feeling empty, thrown together in an evening, published halfheartedly. Like an un-watered plant, withering, I wasn’t properly taking care of them. Continue reading


Reason #49 to Keep Living: Rejuvenation


It has been a very, very long time since I have felt rested in any sense of the word. Perhaps as a consequence, all the writing I have done in the past five months or so has been forced (at worst) and usually uninspired.

I wrote the final exam of my undergraduate degree just under a month ago, and it has taken that long to rediscover my “normal” self (if there is such a thing as my normal self). Some time away from the city — see the picture above — and some time spent with my rather carefree brother helped to fight my fatigue. During the last couple of days I have experienced actual excitement and a sense of purpose with regards to my creative writing. How extraordinary! I had nearly forgotten what a difference inspiration can make. Continue reading

Reason #44 to Keep Living: Naps


Busy days, filled with family and friends, sluggish with work both for school and paid, stuffed to the brim with exhaustion and weird stomach pains, nearly always require naps. Here’s the bed in which I slept this afternoon. It is sufficiently, if not exceedingly, cozy. I remain grateful that I have this extraordinarily piece of furniture to curl up in. Continue reading